Harmony Vineyard began in 1986 when a few people gathered to pray about the Lord’s purpose for a church in the Northland.

The first Sunday services were held in 1987 with David Parker as the pastor of the “Northside”. This congregation was one of six KCF locations in the city and first met near the intersection of 9 and 45 highways. Soon we moved into a rented facility near the airport where we grew rapidly.

During this time Kansas City Fellowship began an association with the Vineyard and the name was changed to Metro Vineyard Fellowship Northside Worship Center. David & Nancy Parker began preparing to minister in England so Harry and Connie Demetrilius were set in as the Pastors of the Northside. In November of 1990, Harry and Connie were called on to further their education for the ultimate goal of ministering in Greece. In 1991, Tim and Janet Johns took the pastorate bringing with them their many talents and gifts.

In 1993, John Brown was chosen as pastor. John and Kathie Brown had been a part of the church since 1988 serving as elders in the body. Over the next few years the Lord brought new growth and a new identity to the church. Soon the prophetic word came “I’ve made you a family – now I will give you a home.” In short order a real estate agent contacted us and wanted to know if we were interested in a church property for sale. In 1995 we moved into a new facility (formerly Harmony Heights Baptist Church) and took on a new name – Harmony Vineyard.

The name “Vineyard” comes from Isaiah 27:2-3, “In that day…sing about a fruitful vineyard; I, the Lord, watch over it. I water it continually. I guard it day and night so that no one may harm it.” The name also reminds us of John 15 where we are told that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches and that apart from Him we can do nothing!

In October of 1996 Pastor LeRoy Sullivan moved his inner city church into our building and met in the afternoon after our services were finished in the morning. During the three plus years Bread of Life Church called Harmony “home” the Lord joined the hearts of our people together and sparked an interdenominational effort to rehab a building for Bread of Life to minister in the “hood”.

Harmony Vineyard is affiliated with Vineyard USA, a network of over 1,500 churches worldwide committed to seeing each generation reached by the power of the Gospel.