To know God intimately through prayer, worship and His Word.

To be known by our love for one another and by virtue of this anointing to wield “clout” in the spiritual realm.

To be a place where men and women of all races freely move in the power of God and the strength of their gifting.

To build a church in the Heartland that equips every member to be a minister (Ephesians 4) and enables them to walk out their God-given good works (Ephesians 2:10).

To reach the unsaved and the unchurched with the Gospel and to restore wounded believers to the Lord by means of a freeing knowledge of His grace in Truth.

To export the Word to the nations as grain is exported from the Heartland to the World.


Our values come from the Word of God and we depend on God’s Spirit to live them out. We expect that each leader in our church will have an adherence to the Bible and a reliance on the Holy Spirit as top priorities in their lives and as preeminent values in their hearts.


True humility is shown by placing value where God places value. It means having a servant’s heart. Humility demands authenticity-being real in a world filled with pretense.

Passion for Jesus

We continually seek an intimate relationship with Jesus developed through prayer, worship and the Word. We seek to hear His heart and speak His words. Having a passion for Jesus means the first commandment must have first place in our lives.


We purpose to walk in love, choosing to bless and forgive. We are committed to growing in the compassion of Jesus.


Together as friends we are pursuing God and God’s purposes. We share our lives together under His Lordship.


Our vertical reconciliation with God is to be reflected in horizontal elements of reconciliation such as barrier breaking and bridge building that transcends race, gender, or social status.


God is a giver and a forgiver. We want to be like Him-always giving and forgiving according to His heart.


Recognizing and relying on God’s powerful Presence to make the difference. We are a grace based place.